Monday, September 17, 2012

First 30 days in Fourth Grade

I cannot believe I have already finished 6 weeks of teaching in this new school year.  The time is flying!  It has been a great 6 weeks so far.  I looped up to fourth grade with my class so I have 11 of the same students and 7 new students.  

 My Fourth Grade Class

 Getting ready to plant green bean seeds

 Looks like I have some green thumbs in my class!

 Our plants were thriving until the birds found them.  David felt that they needed a scarecrow...hence the snowman. : )

 I recently read One Thousand Gifts (excellent book by the way if you haven't read it) by Ann Voskamp and decided to apply what I learned with my class this year.  I have challenged my class to collectively make a list of 1,000 Gifts (what they are thankful for) throughout the school year.  We already have 200 on our list so far.  Below are some of the gifts mentioned.

3.  Food that we eat.
20.  God gives us wisdom.
34.  The joy in our hearts.
67.  The sun gives us light.
87.  Books to read
128.  We have a Bible to read.  

I have thoroughly enjoyed hearing what my students are thankful for each day.  It is really an amazing way to start each day! 

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  1. Miss you! Glad the year is going well for you and the kids.