Thursday, May 31, 2012

6th Year Complete

My 6th year of teaching has come to an end.  Yay!  I made it!  It is so difficult for me to believe the year is over.  As I reflect on the year, I am grateful for God's faithfulness, guidance, grace, and protection during my first year in Cambodia.  This has truly been an eye opening and stretching experience.  I am so thankful God has given me the opportunity to teach here, and I am looking forward to another year with my class as I will be looping up with them to Grade 4.  

I had my students answer quite a few questions on the last day of school.  Below are a few of their responses.

Question:  What word would you use to describe Grade 3?
My favorite response came from Isaac.  "Marbles"  (translation = marvelous)

Messages to me...

Have a nice weekend and don't forget to come to school in August.  (This one made me laugh!)

Dear Miss Verdi thank you for telling us about Jesus and teaching us math, and telling us lots of things we don't know.  Love Hogi

 Yay!  We are finished with Grade 3!

 My three sweet girls playing Memory.

 Some of my boys enjoying a game of UNO.

 Vocable (It is just like Scrabble.)

 Beautiful girls with their beautiful butterflies

 Sothun and his owl

 Isaac drew some amazing insects.

 Last Day of Grade 3

 Ice Cream Party


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