Monday, September 17, 2012

First 30 days in Fourth Grade

I cannot believe I have already finished 6 weeks of teaching in this new school year.  The time is flying!  It has been a great 6 weeks so far.  I looped up to fourth grade with my class so I have 11 of the same students and 7 new students.  

 My Fourth Grade Class

 Getting ready to plant green bean seeds

 Looks like I have some green thumbs in my class!

 Our plants were thriving until the birds found them.  David felt that they needed a scarecrow...hence the snowman. : )

 I recently read One Thousand Gifts (excellent book by the way if you haven't read it) by Ann Voskamp and decided to apply what I learned with my class this year.  I have challenged my class to collectively make a list of 1,000 Gifts (what they are thankful for) throughout the school year.  We already have 200 on our list so far.  Below are some of the gifts mentioned.

3.  Food that we eat.
20.  God gives us wisdom.
34.  The joy in our hearts.
67.  The sun gives us light.
87.  Books to read
128.  We have a Bible to read.  

I have thoroughly enjoyed hearing what my students are thankful for each day.  It is really an amazing way to start each day! 

Thursday, May 31, 2012

6th Year Complete

My 6th year of teaching has come to an end.  Yay!  I made it!  It is so difficult for me to believe the year is over.  As I reflect on the year, I am grateful for God's faithfulness, guidance, grace, and protection during my first year in Cambodia.  This has truly been an eye opening and stretching experience.  I am so thankful God has given me the opportunity to teach here, and I am looking forward to another year with my class as I will be looping up with them to Grade 4.  

I had my students answer quite a few questions on the last day of school.  Below are a few of their responses.

Question:  What word would you use to describe Grade 3?
My favorite response came from Isaac.  "Marbles"  (translation = marvelous)

Messages to me...

Have a nice weekend and don't forget to come to school in August.  (This one made me laugh!)

Dear Miss Verdi thank you for telling us about Jesus and teaching us math, and telling us lots of things we don't know.  Love Hogi

 Yay!  We are finished with Grade 3!

 My three sweet girls playing Memory.

 Some of my boys enjoying a game of UNO.

 Vocable (It is just like Scrabble.)

 Beautiful girls with their beautiful butterflies

 Sothun and his owl

 Isaac drew some amazing insects.

 Last Day of Grade 3

 Ice Cream Party


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Making Memories

He's Got the Whole World in His Hands
My class made paper mâché globes after learning all the continents and oceans.

Deborah reading to a couple girls in Grade 1.

Buddy Reading during Book Week
Treat for Fun Friday - Dirt Cups

They loved eating "dirt".
End of the Year Production - A play about Noah's Ark

I love hearing these precious children sing!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Memorable March

 My students spend two hours each day learning their native language (Khmer).
Nakru Panha (above) and Lokru Savda (below) are the teachers for these classes.

My girls playing with the hula hoops at recess.

The picture above is one of the reasons this post is labeled "Memorable March".  They are thoroughly enjoying a pizza party they earned after everyone in the class finally made a 100 on their Spelling test.  
My class goes to Logos (my school's sister school) once a week for a formal P.E. class.
My students finished up learning about the planets by creating these masterpieces. 

It is so hard for me to believe the school year is coming to an end.  There are only 28 days of school left this year!  As I reflect on this year, I am thrilled to see the progress my students have made.  It has been an absolute joy and privilege to teach students who are so eager to learn and grow.  I am thankful God has given me this opportunity, and I give Him all the glory for all the obstacles that have been overcome and accomplishments that have been made in my class.  I am proud of my students and eager to see how He is going to use each one of them.     

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February Fun

 Fun Friday
My students enjoyed a Cambodian version of a popsicle.

 And this picture was taken after they ate the popsicles. :)

 My three sweet girls

My students have been learning about the moon this month and I found a great idea on pinterest.  My students made the phases of the moon with oreos!  They loved it!













On Valentine's Day my students enjoyed red velvet cupcakes.

My class holding their books they wrote with a third grade class in NC using  Teachers you must check out this site if you haven't already!  Our book is about all different kinds of animals.  Thanks Erienne for allowing your class to collaborate with mine.  They loved making this book!