Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February Fun

 Fun Friday
My students enjoyed a Cambodian version of a popsicle.

 And this picture was taken after they ate the popsicles. :)

 My three sweet girls

My students have been learning about the moon this month and I found a great idea on pinterest.  My students made the phases of the moon with oreos!  They loved it!













On Valentine's Day my students enjoyed red velvet cupcakes.

My class holding their books they wrote with a third grade class in NC using  Teachers you must check out this site if you haven't already!  Our book is about all different kinds of animals.  Thanks Erienne for allowing your class to collaborate with mine.  They loved making this book!

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  1. So cool, Maria! My question is, did you let them eat those Oreos afterwards? LOL. What a great idea and what an amazing teacher! Miss ya!