Friday, December 9, 2011

November has come and gone!

 My sweet friend, Ruth, took me on a trip to Oudong Mountain with her family.

 Ruth's precious little boy - Raphael.

 Thirat and Ruth

 The view from the top of the mountain.

 A very old Buddha being reconstructed on the mountain.

 Made another visit to Thmey orphanage.  I was thrilled to see Reaksa (older girl on the right).  She is studying at a university now so she is no longer living at the orphanage.

I woke up one morning to metal clanging and walked out on the balcony to find this tent being set up right in front of my house.  I realized that only one of two things could be occurring...either a wedding or a funeral.  (black and white are the colors for a funeral - pink and yellow are the colors for a wedding)  Sadly, in this case it was a funeral.  The initial mourning lasts for a day or two and then a week later a remembrance ceremony is held where friends and family gather under the tent to remember their loved one.   

 The tent was literally right in front of my house.

 Hogi enjoying the kimbap his mom sent in for "Health and Fitness" week.

 Stephen made a cute face with his kimbap.

My students made my birthday special by making me a big card and singing Happy Birthday to me. 

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