Sunday, November 6, 2011

School Days Continued

My students with origami birds that were made by students in Australia for National Peace Day.

Snack Time

 I am always interested in the snacks my students bring.  
 Stephen brought seaweed!

A Taste of Fall
My class made pumpkins as an art activity.  It may not feel or look like fall outside (as I update this blog it is 90 degrees), but I felt the need to give my classroom a "fall" appearance. 
My students were innovative with their pumpkins and turned them into turbans!

Headed to do some errands on my bike one Saturday afternoon and passed cattle hauling lots of pottery.

 I am very excited about the class set of Bibles my class just received!
The New Testament in Khmer and English

  Khmer and English 

I have not seen any signs of Christmas, but around the Independence Monument there were lots of lights around the made me think of all the decorations that are probably already up back in the U.S. (I am pretty sure this area was lit up for the King's birthday...not Christmas...regardless of the was a pretty sight!)

I recently asked one of my Korean student's mom if she could teach me how to make kimbap.  She informed me that she would, but that there was a technique to making it.  A few days later she showed up at my classroom door with a whole box of kimbap...she said she had made too much for her family, but I am pretty sure she made it just for me.  It was delicious!

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  1. I like reading your updates and seeing pictures. I love kimbap! So yummy!!

    Hope you have a great week!!