Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Central Market and Lunch with Louise

Lots of Fresh Crabs

More Seafood

Fresh Vegetables

I am definitely going to shop at the market more often.  I got this basket of veggies (3 cucumbers, a green pepper, 2 carrots and a zucchini) for 8,500 riels if I remember correctly.  That is just a little over $2.00!  (4,000 riels = $1.00)

I thought this made for a funny photo.  :)

Fresh Fruit

I noticed this lady had black cherries...out of curiosity I asked how much they were.  My jaw dropped when she typed 18 in the calculator.  

Dragon Fruit - The texture reminds me of a kiwi and although they are not my favorite tropical fruit here I think they taste pretty yummy.

Louise posing for a picture as she buys a new bag.

Louise was craving an Indian dish so we stopped for lunch and had dosas (they are similar to crepes).

Louise insisted that this was the artist's way of taking a photo. :)

View behind me as I was riding home from the market in the tuk tuk.  Notice the rickshaw on the left.

Beautiful Day

This is Thouen who is an excellent tuk tuk driver.  

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